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Desk to Dinner with Northern Railway

I was asked by Northern Railway to share my best travel hack. I had to think about this; as there are WiFi tips, charging hacks and important snack preparation that I could of shared with you. But I decided that the best travel hack for me is the art of packing, when you are going from desk to dinner.


Côte Brasserie, Leeds

Côte Brasserie, Leeds

Côte Brasserie is a fairly new addition to the Trinity Leeds and I'd like to say a welcome one too. I think it's the perfect place to stop for lunch in between shopping. The interiors are to die for too, perfect for all of those instagram shots you need to take of your lunch. I mean, marble tables! 



tips for a better nights sleep

Neom are a brand I've loved for the longest time. So when they asked me to take part in their #NeomBigSleep on the 28th September, I jumped at the chance.


I Love A Slogan T-Shirt

best slogan tshirts

You know when you just keep buying something and it gets a little out of hand? Hello 100000 slogan t-shirts that have recently been introduced to my wardrobe. I've even had people comment on it - 'you like a french slogan don't you?'


The Ice Cream Cake with Northern Bloc

The Ice Cream Cake with Northern Bloc

What a treat it was when Northern Bloc delivered lots of ice cream and other goodies to my door the other week. Inspired by my inspiration in the kitchen (Nigella) I made something that is pretty naughty. I took her peanut butter cookie recipe and made it work for this monster of an ice cream cake!