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Thinking About The Year Ahead

Somehow we are just over two weeks into January and I'm only just sitting down to write this post. 2018 is somewhat of a big deal to me. I'm turning 30. For some reason I seem to of built this up in my head to be something of a milestone. So I thought I'd share some musings with you about the big 3-0. 


A Guide To Curating A Vinyl Collection

I'm sure you would of noticed by now that vinyl has made a massive resurgence. They've even started to sell them in supermarkets now! I thought I'd put together a little guide about how you can curate a collection that you will love.


Why It's Ok To Spend Time Alone

I feel like there is a lot pressure lately to 'do it all.' Have a successful career, a loving relationship, solid friendships, social life and more. Have you ever wanted to spend time alone doing what makes you happy, without having to answer to anyone else? 


Switching Up Your Winter Skincare

Switching Up Your Winter Skincare

When Winter hits a few things happen to me. My skin gets that annoying mix of incredibly dry and oily at the same time. My lips resemble that of a reptile. My hands seem to be devoid of all moisture. So when I notice a change in weather I add a few things into my routine to help combat the winter weather. 


Dressing in Your Late 20s and Beyond

Navigating the British High-Street in Your Late 20s and Beyond

The British High Street can be a minefield. As we all know lots of stores cater and market their clothing at the younger generation (I feel like I can say that now as I'm nearly the big 3-0). I've been a little fed-up of what I like to call 'the kardashian effect.'