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Switching Up Your Winter Skincare

Switching Up Your Winter Skincare

When Winter hits a few things happen to me. My skin gets that annoying mix of incredibly dry and oily at the same time. My lips resemble that of a reptile. My hands seem to be devoid of all moisture. So when I notice a change in weather I add a few things into my routine to help combat the winter weather. 


Dressing in Your Late 20s and Beyond

Navigating the British High-Street in Your Late 20s and Beyond

The British High Street can be a minefield. As we all know lots of stores cater and market their clothing at the younger generation (I feel like I can say that now as I'm nearly the big 3-0). I've been a little fed-up of what I like to call 'the kardashian effect.'


Laura Wythe | Communications Ambassador at DECIEM

I was first approached by Laura in February to hear more about the DECIEM brand. We met at a restaurant in Leeds and immediately hit it off - I love finding other ladies with the same sense of humour. I've loved seeing the the brand go from strength to strength, so I thought I'd catch up with Laura about how she landed her dream job. 


An iPhone Photo Diary Of Paris

An iPhone Photo Diary Of Paris This week I spent 48 hours in Paris for work. I thought I'd put together a little photo diary from my trip. I never get to see as much of the city as I would like when I'm there for work, we are on a tight schedule but it's still nice to see the city.


5 Ways To Spot A Toxic Friendship

5 Ways To Spot A Toxic Friendship

One of the main things people have often admired about me is how 'I don't care what people think.'  It's true I didn't really spend my teenage years too concerned with what people thought of me which was pretty freeing.