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Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself

Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself

Self portraits have always been an odd thing to me. I'm not talking about the 'selfie.' Which captures a quite candid moment of 'just because I was feeling good.' Posing for something more formal like the pictures you see here, is very different. As a blogger I'm constantly looking at pictures of myself. Scrutinising, editing out spots (we all do it) and playing about with an image until we are happy to show it to the whole world. These are unedited, well apart them them being black and white because I'm not THAT brave.


9 Books To Read Before I'm 30

As part of my challenge to better myself this year, I want to get serious about getting back into literature. I seriously failed at this last year, there was always something else I could fill my time with. I also want to read more books by female authors, so I made a little list of books I want to tackle this year.


Celebrating Female Friendship

Celebrating Female Friendship

Happy International Women's Day! So much has changed since last March. With #MeToo and Time's Up, I can feel the beginning of real change for half the population. This makes me feel excited for the future. I wanted to take the opportunity today to talk a little bit about female friendship. After your family and your partner, a group of close female friends is something which, if you find the right people, can become the best support network you could hope for. 


Planning A Kitchen Update On A Budget

Anyone that owns a home knows that you go in there with good intentions to change everything within the first 6 months. But time and money are massive factors which means that some projects have to wait a little bit longer. I've wanted to change our kitchen up for the longest time but a new kitchen can set you back thousands. I've decided to updated my kitchen on a budget, using Pinterest as my main source of inspiration.


Ditching My Frames For The First Time with Specsavers

Contact Lenses Specsavers

As part of my things to do before I'm 30 - I'm here with the first thing I've tried. Contact lenses. Not wearing glasses for the past week has been weird. At first I felt like something was missing. My glasses are part of my outfit, so every time I left the house I felt that I'd forgotten something.