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Everyday Summer Make-Up

Everyday Summer Make-Up

I don't know about you but these days my make-up routine is all about cutting down on the amount of time I spend applying it. I think I'm in search of the perfect 'no make-up' look that just enhances your features. I've been trailing a few products and I think I've found my winning combination for the moment.


Summer Wish List


I've taken a break from blogging that I actually didn't mean to do. I don't really have an excuse either, I haven't been busier than usual. I felt like I just needed to step back for a little while and think about the content I want to create.


5 Micro-Influencers To Check Out On Instagram

5 Micro-Influencers To Check Out On Instagram

We might all follow those HUGE accounts that have got 100s of thousands or even millions of followers but what I'm really loving lately are the micro-influencers of Instagram.


How To Get Beach Body Ready

beach body ready products

Have you got a body, do you know where a beach is? Then you are beach body ready! Sorry for the click bait title. But it had to be done. I'm going to talk about a few products that help me get ready for the beach.


How To Create The Perfect Hotel Style Bathroom

How To Create The Perfect Hotel Style Bathroom

My bathroom is my sanctuary. I get ready for the day ahead in there, take a shower if I've had a stressful one and get ready for a night out. Something I've noticed when staying away for work is the way bathrooms are styled in luxury hotels. There is something about a good bathroom that steps up your overall experience.