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April Goals


This year hasn’t been the best so far. Not going to go into that but it means my little space of the internet has become a little sidelined. I noticed lots of posts about goals of the month, I thought I’d start doing this to just get my thoughts out there. Of course we are well into April now but I thought it was worth…

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Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself


Self portraits have always been an odd thing to me. I’m not talking about the ‘selfie.’ Which captures a quite candid moment of ‘just because I was feeling good.’ Posing for something more formal like the pictures you see here, is very different. As a blogger I’m constantly looking at pictures of myself. Scrutinising, editing out spots (we all do it) and playing about with…

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9 Books To Read Before I’m 30


As part of my challenge to better myself this year, I want to get serious about getting back into literature. I seriously failed at this last year, there was always something else I could fill my time with. I also want to read more books by female authors, so I made a little list of books I want to tackle this year.…

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Celebrating Female Friendship


Happy International Women’s Day! So much has changed since last March. With #MeToo and Time’s Up, I can feel the beginning of real change for half the population. This makes me feel excited for the future. I wanted to take the opportunity today to talk a little bit about female friendship. After your family and your partner, a group of close female friends is something…

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Planning A Kitchen Update On A Budget


    Anyone that owns a home knows that you go in there with good intentions to change everything within the first 6 months. But time and money are massive factors which means that some projects have to wait a little bit longer. I’ve wanted to change our kitchen up for the longest time but a new kitchen can set you back thousands. I’ve decided…

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Ditching My Frames For The First Time with Specsavers


As part of my things to do before I’m 30 – I’m here with the first thing I’ve tried. Contact lenses. Not wearing glasses for the past week has been weird. At first I felt like something was missing. My glasses are part of my outfit, so every time I left the house I felt that I’d forgotten something.  When I started to think of…

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Thinking About The Year Ahead


Somehow we are just over two weeks into January and I’m only just sitting down to write this post. 2018 is somewhat of a big deal to me. I’m turning 30. For some reason I seem to of built this up in my head to be something of a milestone. So I thought I’d share some musings with you about the big 3-0. …

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A Guide To Curating A Vinyl Collection


I’m sure you would of noticed by now that vinyl has made a massive resurgence. They’ve even started to sell them in supermarkets now! I thought I’d put together a little guide about how you can curate a collection that you will love. Make A List Sit down and think about what you would like to own on vinyl. For me it was a hit…

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Why It’s Ok To Spend Time Alone


I feel like there is a lot pressure lately to ‘do it all.’ Have a successful career, a loving relationship, solid friendships, social life and more. Have you ever wanted to spend time alone doing what makes you happy, without having to answer to anyone else? …

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Switching Up Your Winter Skincare


When Winter hits a few things happen to me. My skin gets that annoying mix of incredibly dry and oily at the same time. My lips resemble that of a reptile. My hands seem to be devoid of all moisture. So when I notice a change in weather I add a few things into my routine to help combat the winter weather. …

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