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Hague Blue Living Room


Welcome to my Hague Blue living room! I’m in that head space at the moment where we have been in the house over 5 years and I’m starting to get the decorators equivalent of itchy feet. The living room has been on my agenda for a while.  It’s taken me almost a full year but finally the room has come together. It was really important…

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What I’ve learnt in my 30th year


So it’s been a whole year of 30. Weird. It’s kind of gone by in a blur. I’m sure you’ve read the cliches of how people find themselves at 30. And what can I say I’m one of them. It seems to be the year that I’ve really embraced myself. I’ve always been quite self assured in terms of my beliefs and opinions. But when…

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A Spiced Honey Bedroom


I really enjoy writing these interior posts – so you’ll probably be seeing a lot more. We did quite a lot to our master bedroom when we moved in. It’s in the attic and you use to walk up the stairs and find yourself immediately in the room. No door or walls. So we built a wall and added a door for privacy. Then we…

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Ikro, Leeds


I’m always on the look out for new brunch spots in Leeds and I think I might of found my new favourite one. The Vanguard has popped up on Duncan Street and it’s secured itself as a firm brunch favourite for those in the know. Sister bars include Domino Club and Roland’s (my favourite bar in Leeds) The best thing is they serve brunch until…

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Why make-up doesn’t rule my life… anymore


I’ve spent a massive portion of my life wearing makeup. I was the kind of person who wouldn’t even nip to the shops without something on my face. I’d always had bad skin as a teenager and I just became so used to covering it up. It was one of those daily chores I had to do before leaving the house, like brushing my teeth.…

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The Ivy, Leeds Take Two


The Ivy, has cemented itself as one of THE places to go for dinner now in Leeds. With its decadent interiors and a menu that has something to suit everyone, The Ivy is the place to be. You may remember I was invited down to try their breakfast menu, so when the chance arose to try their dinner menu I jumped at the chance. I…

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5 Things I’m Doing In January


I used to do some nice goals orientated posts at the beginning of every month but they usually pointed all the things I hadn’t achieved… That can be pretty depressing. So I thought this month as we are a week into January I would look at what I am already doing and will continue to do those throughout the month and beyond. 1. Get Back…

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Planning My Living Room


After updating my kitchen this year, I’ve caught the decorating bug. Especially as I spend most of my time scrolling through Pinterest or on interior accounts on Instagram. I’ve got an idea of what I want to do with the living room but I figured writing it all down here will help to streamline my thoughts and make sure I’ve thought of every avenue. Plans…

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10 Years On


It would seem that I’ve ended up taking a long extended break from my blog. It wasn’t intentional but it never is. Life gets in the way. And man, this year life has REALLY got in the way. The kind of things that knock you for six and leave you very little time to do anything else. I haven’t had the head space. I always…

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The Ivy, Leeds


The other week I was invited down to The Ivy Restaurant Victoria Quarter in Leeds, to try out their breakfast menu. I’ve been excited for The Ivy to finally open in Leeds, I’ve heard rumblings for the past few years but it’s finally here! Of course we’ve all heard about the iconic Ivy in London. But how do the regional ones differ? First impressions. The…

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