British Fashion…. taking risks


I published this in my University newspaper.

Thought I’d post it up here with a few changes.

British Fashion – Taking Risks

Brits have always been renowned for having the most exciting avantgarde fashion available. From the likes of Vivienne Westwood to Gareth Pugh, our fashion designers are usually making the most cutting edge, stand-out pieces on the catwalk. Whereas New York, Paris, and Milan seem to stick to more traditionally ‘beautiful’ clothes.
The world has always looked to the UK for quirky and off the wall outfits, with many other designers crediting British fashion as one of their major influences.
With this in mind young British people should be taking as many risks with fashion while they can still get away with it. It seems to be however that many young students seem to stick to what they deem a ‘safe’ option. And so you see the same fashion being wheeled out day by day.
Young people should try find shops which are ‘off the beaten track’. Try shop vintage shops, or smaller boutiques. Try not to just roll up at Topshop every time you need a new outfit.
Take a look at this seasons trends, which you may not be completely sure with. Give them a try anyway.
Be it the new wave of the ‘Goth’ look or the Witches of Eastwick style ‘Pagan’ look, everyone can find a style that suits their personality this winter.
Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you have to resort to the good old jumper. You can layer any of these ‘new’ trends up and incorporate them into this season’s wardrobe. If you think your outfit is a little bland you can always accessorize it and make yourself stand out a little more.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting people should go out in anything they don’t feel comfortable in. But now is the time to experiment and if it doesn’t work out… so what! Try something new, you never know you may just find out you like being different from the masses.

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