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I'm kind of loving this dress at the moment.
Although I have found some major problems with owning it.
First off the tan line I'm sporting on my back not the best look I've had. And second of all I had to go bra-less.
Not a major fashion crime of the century but when you have DD/E boobs like myself its never going to end very well.
Its not like I didn't even try to get some sort of backless effort but I got told by every mentionable high street shop that no where in fact does a backless bra of this size.
La Senza woman even sent me in with two sticky cups in a size C and said it should be fine. Well fine if you want 4 boob syndrome. Which I don't.
So here I am on my 20th birthday bra-less. And actually I must say it felt kind of liberating.


  1. Ooh, tough dilemna. That I'd be no help in, so I'm not even going to try, ha! Who wants to seem that ignorant?

    But, you're right, i'ts a gorgeous dress.

  2. Haha brilliant! Four boob syndrome.

    I find it hard to get strapless bra's even in a D. I feel your pain!