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Paris Fashion Week... Take this going on forever?

It was quite a muted affair at Chloe with many neutral colours being used through out the collection. They all seemed in keeping with the autumn theme. I loved the thigh high pirate boots, it seems like thigh high boots HAVE to be in our autumn wardrobes according to many of the designers this season.

You can always trust Galliano to put on a show. Many have criticised him for showing a collection without relevance for the 'current times.' However I think that this doesn't matter, people came to see a show and that's what he delivered. And oh my god he used black and blue. I love the coat shown above I think he used the colour perfectly. There was a major Russian feel running through the collection and he especially displayed this through the dresses he sent down the runway.

The leather used at Hermes was displayed in the form of trousers and dresses. The dress is carrying on the almost bondage like feel that we saw at McQueen. The coats at Hermes were amazing .... I've loved so many coats this season. Which is odd because I always feel I lack stylish coats in my wardrobe.


  1. I am following all the parades on his blog.
    Everything is very good.
    1 hug for you.

  2. loved the cheeky hints at Galliano. Like your studded bag in the post below too! new fan and follower of your blog <3 bisous x