Paris Fashion Week… take three…


Everyone always expects a show from Gaultier and he definitely delivered with this collection. The tights especially stood out for me, which is obviously not the main point of his collection. But hey I have an obcession with tights. The blues in his collection really lifted the mood and brought the outfits to life. I LOVE the jacket on the far right in the top lot of images. The perfect mix of tailored with disjointed aspects. If that makes sense? Anyway it does to me!

So the obvious feature of this collection for me was shoes shoes shoes. The boots were absolutely to die for. However I was also drawn to the clothes. Black black and a touch of white. Absolutely perfect I think Demeulemeester had an almost pirate feel to some of her looks…. more reason for me to absolutely adore this collection.

There is A LOT of hype behind Comme des Garcons and how I tend to agree with the hype I wasn’t all that excited by what they had to offer in Paris. The materials used were beautiful and they had excellent flow and movement. I would love to wrap myself up in one of their amazing coats next autumn.

Pamela Anderson. Wow. Vivienne did it again using a new muse and a somewhat unconventional one. Again for me, as always, Vivienne has come out with some great stand alone pieces. The jackets for me were especially brilliant. And the draping as always, fabulous!


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