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Back to the same old question...

... Well for me anyway. Tomorrow means back to Uni which sparks the age old question for me.
What to wear? I mean I'd love to prance into Uni wearing 5 inch heels with a bit of glamour but lets face it that isn't practical. Especially when I have a bus journey and then a 15 minute walk to get there. At the same time though I don't want to slip into the 'clone zone' you know you've seen them. The girls at most unis are devoid of any personality as they march into Uni in their Ugg boots and Jack Wills tracksuit bottoms. I don't know about you but I base alot of my first judgement on someones outerwear. You can get a taste for their personality and so I think you should make an effort. Even if you've only had a few hours sleep from staying up all night writing an essay!

So I have been looking around for the perfect pieces to put on for uni which can speak for themselves.....

(Motel Rocks, £39)

I first saw this on Lily Allen at the gig I attend and I loved it. She dressed hers up with some killer heels. But for me it would be perfect for uni; paired with some tights and great flats. I'd put some great jewellery with it and head out of the door.

(Silence and Noise Mummy Leggings, £38)

If we must wear leggings to Uni, lets make them abit more interesting shall we? I love these and they look even better in person.

(Office, £80)

I love these shoes sooooo much. And the heel doesn't look to painful so I think these would be great for Uni. And you can team these up with so many different things.

(River Island, £180)

Pretty shocking price tag for River Island, but I just love how tacky this is. It would fit everything in it for uni, and it has my obcession at the moment all over it... studs!

If your a student... what do you throw on for uni? Or if your not a student... any recommendations


  1. Hi Laura,
    I love the legging and the shoes are cool.

    Thank you for your comment on Ninistyle, btw. If you have a chance to visit

  2. I love the leggings, and I absolutely adore that bag!! :D Good luck!

    xox, maci

  3. I could not be more in agreement with you about the clone at Uni...Although they are totally comfortable (especially during montreal winters) I am just so sick of seeing ugg boots on students.

    I love all of your pics of outfit. The leggings are so amazing.

    PS. The boots are

  4. yea she is the evans model. I love evans!

  5. Go the leggings, comfy boyfriend tee and cardie and dress it up with killer ankle boots a scarf and a multitude of rings.

  6. well, my previous uni was totally liberated so i can get away wiht whatever i want to wear.:) however i would go for the lace up booties if i were you. those are divine!

    much love


  7. those leggings and shoes are to die for!
    what a lovely little blog you have hehehe :)

  8. I love those leggings!

    The shoes from office look so much like some Ive seen in aldo, expect aldo ones are suede.

  9. Yeah I often have this problem... the best counter for it to just dress in the dark, and hope for the best.

  10. I just love the leggings, the great thing is that you can just wear them with a basic t-shirt and you look amazing!
    The office shoes look great too, i agree with you modern antoinette the uggs gets boring after a while.

  11. the cut-out lace up wedge looks almost similar to the one i crave by Aldo :) i love it!

    yes, i'd love to be blog friends! i've added u to my list so i can get a daily dosage of your upcoming posts:)

    x, blackcoffeecrumbs



  13. those leggings are soooo cool!