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The booby debate...

I've had quite sulk on with Topshop lately. The dress on the right of the picture has under wired cups inside the top of the dress. Having seen this dress at the front of my local Topshop I immediately knew I had to try it on for size. The print had two of my favourite things going on: floral AND skulls... great combo? Finally slipping the dress on I was disheartened to find that even though I had picked up a size 12 to fit in chest region the cup size was no bigger (it seemed) than a the size 6.
Oh Topshop why must you do this to me? I don't understand the designers logic behind making the cup sizes exactly the same. Why can't they compromise by making the same style dress without the 'booby bits.' (this is how I described them to the manager of my local Topshop.)
I was pleased however to find the same design on a different style of top, but this means I have to wear something more floaty. Whats wrong with wanting something fitted?
Have any of you had the same problem? Clothes only meant for one type of body....?


  1. hmmm me being not so worthy of boobage.. wearing cupped dresses can be hard!
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  2. I actually really like the one on the right!
    xox, mavi

  3. i always have that problem. it is like they don't think big boobs exist or something.

  4. I can totally relate and I actually have this issue with Topshop more than any other brand. I've tried things on in my size, but the chest area would be too small (and it's not like I have a huge chest or anything) and the minute I get larger the chest is still too tight but the rest just hangs from me like a tent.

    That skull and floral design is awesome though. I have a thing for skulls as well. Why did I never see this in the shop? I might have to do another search...

  5. I get so frustrated when something doesn't want to fit!

  6. i can totally relate to that.. i don't have tons of boobage, so the reverse of your problem kind of happens to me all the time, so its incredibly frustrating for the most part... also hate how people "stereotype" outfit pieces as something that only fits tall lithe bodies or whatever.. i mean, if you have the attitude for it, definitely flaunt it, right? :)

    much love


  7. oh you're right that must've been so terrible
    We Were Damsels

  8. Anything with underwire never fits me either, but for the opposite reason :P

  9. lol omg no im serious i wouldve been so pissed too

    it doessound sarcastic tho :0

  10. ah yes, the neverending questions for designers....goes in the same category of why doesn't everyone make jeans for different lengths, etc. we will never know but you should def write to topshop!!

  11. i have the same issues
    except for my the bust is usually too LOW
    i have no idea