Fashion… a thought…

When people ask me why I want to be a fashion journalist there is always one simple answer.
I just love fashion. I love the look, the feel, the emotion and the drama of it all. It tends to annoy me when people roll their eyes at my preferred career choice. The fashion industry is a multi -billion dollar industry, if there wasn’t a fashion industry we’d be in an even worse economic situation than we are now.
Many people don’t understand how the purchase of something of quality and style can give you that happy feeling inside. The pride of owning that item you have coveted for so long is massive. My lecturer said to me how she hates that whole attitude of ‘oh women nowadays think that everything can be solved with a pair of shoes.’ Well, it can. No, no not in the sense that all your problems will disappear but like I said before it can give you a sense of glowing pride.
Lets look at the wonderful Jane from Sea Of Shoes. She sees nothing wrong with owning those beautiful shoes but she also doesn’t have her head in the clouds either.

(Jane from Sea Of Shoes)

That’s another thing I’d like to air my views about is how people think people in fashion are often airheads with no real opinion on anything ‘important’ in the world. This really annoys me. I’m doing a BA Honors in Journalism. And no I don’t want to go into hard hitting news, I don’t want to go to war torn countries and report on the tragedies. I truly admire those journalists and think their work is both groundbreaking and thought provoking. But this is simply not how I work. I love art, culture, music and fashion. So why not do what I care about the most in the world?
I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is; I believe in fashion it brings people together much like music. It can bond people in a group, it make you and individual or if you prefer you can blend in with the rest. No doubt about it fashion is life.

Speaking to my fellow fashion lovers and readers here… what do you love about fashion? And what annoys you most about people’s attitudes towards it?

Can I just say wow !!!!!!! ……..

(Jak and Jil)


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