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Fashion... a thought...

When people ask me why I want to be a fashion journalist there is always one simple answer.

I just love fashion. I love the look, the feel, the emotion and the drama of it all. It tends to annoy me when people roll their eyes at my preferred career choice. The fashion industry is a multi -billion dollar industry, if there wasn't a fashion industry we'd be in an even worse economic situation than we are now.

Many people don't understand how the purchase of something of quality and style can give you that happy feeling inside. The pride of owning that item you have coveted for so long is massive. My lecturer said to me how she hates that whole attitude of 'oh women nowadays think that everything can be solved with a pair of shoes.' Well, it can. No, no not in the sense that all your problems will disappear but like I said before it can give you a sense of glowing pride.

Lets look at the wonderful Jane from Sea Of Shoes. She sees nothing wrong with owning those beautiful shoes but she also doesn't have her head in the clouds either.

(Jane from Sea Of Shoes)

That's another thing I'd like to air my views about is how people think people in fashion are often airheads with no real opinion on anything 'important' in the world. This really annoys me. I'm doing a BA Honors in Journalism. And no I don't want to go into hard hitting news, I don't want to go to war torn countries and report on the tragedies. I truly admire those journalists and think their work is both groundbreaking and thought provoking. But this is simply not how I work. I love art, culture, music and fashion. So why not do what I care about the most in the world?
I guess what I'm trying to say with this post is; I believe in fashion it brings people together much like music. It can bond people in a group, it make you and individual or if you prefer you can blend in with the rest. No doubt about it fashion is life.

Speaking to my fellow fashion lovers and readers here... what do you love about fashion? And what annoys you most about people's attitudes towards it?

Can I just say wow !!!!!!! ........

(Jak and Jil)


  1. i'm happy to see someone who sees this indutry for what it is. a mega gigantic business that gives millions of people jobs and something to dream about.
    i dont believe though that fashion describes one's peronality or that it characterizes that person. I think that fashion is just a passion like some people enjoy painting or horseback riding or god know what some just enjoy playing with clothes.

  2. hi laura,

    i totally agree with your post and for fabulous girl's comment. i get that reaction a lot from my own boyfriend, of all people-- who cannot comprehend why i love fashion, why i have to be "superficial", blah blah. its absolutely not true. it is a business, and a massive one at that, that fuels many economies and put food on many tables all over the world. on a personal insight, i love fashion not because i aim to belong but because i aim to express myself with what i know best, and that is thru style. other than that, i do get into other forms of art.

    thanks for this post for echoing how i feel!

    much love,


  3. Hey Laura! It's Lidia here, I found your blog on facebook - haven't quite got into a blogging habit yet!

    I think the worst thing is when people comment on catwalk collections being pointless because 'no one would wear that in real life'. Don't they realise that the very clothes they're wearing have probably been inspired in some way by high end designers and their creations?! And so what if a lot of the clothes are not wearable in everyday life? Fashion is dramatic, inspiring, entertaining... And never pretends to be anything other than that. I love looking on and pouring over the pictures because the details and the influences behind collections fascinate me. I wouldn't say I'm a paticularly 'fashionable' person in that I don't really stand out from the crowd but it's still a passion for me and in no way 'superficial'!

    I'm blabbing on because it's late haha!

  4. what you just said was completely true. I love fashion, though I dont think I would want to make it my career.

  5. I've been waiting for a post like this....
    This industry (fashion journalism) is a dying one- mostly due to the economy. Magazines are folding left and right. Anyone who applied for internships this year has come to realize this.
    It just annoys me- fashion is so important. Like it is influenced by art and culture, it influeces them right back! Even more so in my opinion.
    My parents keep telling me to find a more lucrative career path- but there is nothing I would rather do. Be happy at work, don't work to be happy!

    Thanks for an interesting read!
    emma (

  6. I don't think it's wrong to work in the fashion industry. Nor is it something an airhead would want. If all the people in the fashion industry were dumb, then there wouldnt be an industry at all!

    By the way, I've got an awesome watch to giveaway over at my blog. Check it out :)

  7. louboutins...gasma.

    and I also could go on a fashion shpeal here..

    xx-LJ from SOS!

  8. All agreed, why report about suffering and war when you can write about beautiful things in life, huh?
    People seem to roll their eyes to fashion just because it's everywhere, and true - it is everywhere, and it's trendy to be trendy nowadays, but there's so much manpower going on in the backstages of all that - and it's always short of staff - both for innovative new things, and to keep the dynamic industry going.
    As long as it doesn't become an idol for people, fashion is a great way to celebrate art and creativity, I'm glad you want to be a part of it.

  9. love your blog header, and those last shoes are killer x

  10. What a great post. I think a lot of people deem fashion to be superficial. It might not be one of those life-saving jobs, but then again, most jobs aren't. I would group fashion in the same category as art, music, architecture, entertainment etc. in that fashion requires a creative process. It might not be completely necessary, but without creative works, very little would be known about history. It reflects the times we live in, it reflects country's culture and it reflects on the person wearing the clothes.

    Fact is, even though not all clothing might be considered fashion, it was inspired by runway collections down the line, so even the average joe who hates fashion, will be buying something created by a designer, even if it's a t-shirt from Wal Mart. And let's face it... clothing is a necessity. Good luck with your career! :)

  11. wow great post! I agree completely, everyone thinks studying and working in fashion is just like an easy way out. Fashion is definitely important- it's not only a form of self expression but as you said- it can lift you up, give you confidence, and bring people together!

  12. Totally agree with your post. I love Jane!!Those shoes are hot!!!

  13. I totally agree, I am a non-materialistic fashion lover, for gods sake people its an art!

  14. you go girl! everything you said is right on point. i feel the same way about fashion just the way you do. :)

  15. I love that fashion is another form of self-expression-- I am recently understanding this, and it's actually very liberating. All of the 'what the fuck" stares in the world don't bother me anymore!

  16. I agree exactly with what you are saying. How depressing would our world be if we only reported about hard hitting news?
    Our society would be without culture (how sad)!
    I have aspirations to become a journalist in the entertainment industry and you helped prove my argument.

  17. I agree completely with your post, i love fashion as it's a channel for us to express ourselves to everybody through what we wear. I'm so happy you want to be part of this industry.

    Ps: the shoes are hawt. love them.


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  19. Fabulous thing to read! really refreshing! I feel exactly the same!!