The booby debate…

I’ve had quite sulk on with Topshop lately. The dress on the right of the picture has under wired cups inside the top of the dress. Having seen this dress at the front of my local Topshop I immediately knew I had to try it on for size. The print had two of my favourite things going on: floral AND skulls… great combo? Finally slipping the dress on I was disheartened to find that even though I had picked up a size 12 to fit in chest region the cup size was no bigger (it seemed) than a the size 6.
Oh Topshop why must you do this to me? I don’t understand the designers logic behind making the cup sizes exactly the same. Why can’t they compromise by making the same style dress without the ‘booby bits.’ (this is how I described them to the manager of my local Topshop.)
I was pleased however to find the same design on a different style of top, but this means I have to wear something more floaty. Whats wrong with wanting something fitted?
Have any of you had the same problem? Clothes only meant for one type of body….?

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