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Graduate Fashion Week... The Awards.

So as you lovely readers know I was at the graduate fashion awards evening. It was so much fun (even if it did take more than 2 hours to cross London) There was some amazing talent showcasing at the night and I am still proud to say us Brits have still got it.

Heres what I wore to the awards... felt like a giant disco ball. Don't mind my smirk.

(Jacket, Giles for New Look, Mesh Dress, AA, Strapless tube dress, Topshop, Shoes, Office)

There was much excitement when Claudia arrived and my friend Natalie managed to grab a quick picture.

The show itself was fantastic and it really showcased the quality collections that graduates coming out of our university can create.

Well I managed to snap a few pictures. They aren't the best but I don't have an amazing super zoom pricey camera.

(Ashley Farrall, Manchester Metropolitian University School of Art)
(Charlotte Simpson, Northumbria University)
(Pandora Bahrami, Nottingham Trent University)
(Mehmet Ali, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication)
(April Schmite, UCA Epsom)
(Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, Kingston University)
(Ana Merono, Nottingham Trent)
(Sarah Benning, University of Westminster)
(Hannah Taylor, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication)

(Myrto Samou, UCA Rochester)

(Yi le Huang, Kingston University)
(Sarah Burton, Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art)

(Nicola Morgan, Northumbria University)

I have to say the last three pictures on this long line has to be one of the best collections I saw. This collection was from Nicola Morgan of Northumbria University. I loved how much structure went into her collection. There was a real masculine feel behind the collection and at the same time it was also really feminine. I also really rated Ana Merono from Nottingham Trent University.

The Knitwear award went to Sarah Burton. With the Zandra Rhodes Textiles award went to Charlotte Simpson. Lorraine Candy and Richard Bradbury (CEO of River Island) presented the Menswear award which went to Mehmet Ali. Giles Deacon presented the Womenswear award which went to Myrto Samou. Matthew Williamson presented the River Island Gold Award which went to....

Myrto Samou! She was totally overwhelmed and although she wouldn't have been my choice to win the gold award, she was an extremely gracious winner.


  1. must've been an amazing experience, I saw the updates on SusieBubble's blog as they came and was amazed by the pieces they brought out, can't believe you saw them with your own eyes :D! You look like a very chic discoball, if I may add :P

    (I so agree that still no one can afford stuff on the Cash for Dash section, it's getting worse, before it was quite affordable with topshop stuff...)

  2. love the blazer!!!

  3. So jealous you went... I would love to go one year. The designs look terrific... I do still believe that the best emerging designers are from the U.K. They're not afraid to realize their ideas, but manage to do so without making clothes look tacky or costumey. Thanks for the review!

  4. Your sequin blazer is amazing, I covet!

  5. Love your blog! Exchange links?

    <3 xx

  6. WOW.. those creations are simply awesome.. all the designs definitely have some substance in it.. those students r really gifted :)


  7. wow-- what an incredible event! and claudia being there made it all the more exciting--yeah myrto wouldnt have been my pick too, i'd have gone for nicola's and a few others, but she had a great collection anyway!

    much love

  8. Claudia looked amazing, but so did you, I loveee the sparkly jacket you wore!

  9. I stumbled on your blog and I must say - WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! Looks fantastic. I also must say that I LOVE YOUR JACKET! Disco balls are awesome and jackets that have a resemblance to one is EVEN better! Congrats on graduating - how exciting! I've read some of your blogs and I can tell that you're a good writer and really insightful so you'll definitely do great!! Love your blog!

    Check out my new blog?

  10. Lucky you went! I love your sequin blazer :)

  11. Very spectacular show! Love ur discoball jacket, very chic! I have recently privatized my blog n i have invited u to access anyway!! Pls feel free to dropby! :)

  12. Wow, that looks awesome! Must have been really fun and a great experience. I really love what you wore there, too...that skull tee is awesome!

    xox, mavi

  13. ooh, i love your sequined top. i'm dying for something sequined at the moment.. makes going out at night a lot more fun!

  14. wow, looks like so much fun--i wish i was there!

  15. I adore your sequin blazer very pretty!

    lily x

  16. Wow... looks like an amazing night. Love your outfit!

  17. Your jacket looks amazing:)
    And Claudia is so stunning..

  18. great!!!!

    like ur blog!
    check out

  19. I love the dress you're wearing! Can you find it at AA now? Or is it from a previous season?

    It's really cool! I need to get one!