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Bloggers meet up...

So the other Thursday I attended an event at the Azucar bar in Leeds, the basic gist of the night was to meet other local bloggers and to give feed back on a campaign Havana Club were doing.

We were asked a few questions about their new website Havana Cultura and a twitter campaign their are launching on the 19th of October. A gave a few opinions on what I thought would work best and was enjoying the free mojitos!

I was really pleased to be asked to something like this as many bloggers meets are in London and it isn't that easy for me to just pop down for the night. There weren't any fashion bloggers there but it was nice to talk to others and see what influences them on their blogs.

Anyway this is what I wore on the night:

(Lace top, River Island, Black Satin Shorts, Primark, Thigh Boots, Topshop, Necklace, Free from Graduate Fashion Week.)


  1. Great lace top, i love it (: That's really cool that you got to go to a blogger meeting like that,even if you were the only fashion blogger. I love how that's like a title now haha.

  2. Oh wow, sounds like you had lots of fun :D I'm always gutted I'm never invited to those blogger meet ups! I must not know a secret or something, haha :D