Roll on the fashion…

So I thought I should have a little gander at some more shows that have been going on while I slave away at uni and try and battle through this dreaded cold. Its not fun! I wish I was sat on the front rows, alas I am not important enough. However I am slightly optimistic as many bloggers have being popping up at fashion weeks across the world.
Anyway I digress, back to business…
I’m just going to take a look at a few of my favourite designers because well I haven’t really got time to be making comment on every single designer at every single fashion week. You can get that kind of dedication at

Well as soon as I laid eyes on this collection my heart did a kind of a flutter. The digital prints on the fabrics and the amazing hues of all the colours together make this my favourite collection of the season. Many think that McQueen can be a little out there and many of his pieces may not be great for strutting to your local shop in. However I personally think that fashion is all about the art of ‘dressing up’ and he certainly delivers in that department. I think I would pair his digital print purple/blue dress with a pair of this seasons leather pants for an edgy look.

Every season Gareth has to live up to the last one, which must put pressure on the poor guy. He seems to have stepped away from what he is traditional known for this season in favour of something just out of his comfort zone. I think he pulled it off! I especially love the slashed leather leggings (well I think that’s what they are).

For this I pulled out all the black and white from their collection because I think that is what they have created the best looks in. The stripey blazer and the PVC leggings are amazing. I’d love to get my hands on Topshop’s PVC leggings (alas I cannot afford Givenchy) however I think I may need to think of a whole outfit first before committing.

Galliano can always be trusted to put on a magnificent show for the eagerly awaiting crowd, and by all accounts he didn’t disappoint this year. The clothes had a ‘I’ve just raided my Grandma’s dressing up box feel’ which in the way do I mean it in a bad way. Dainty dresses with structured coats and mix of colours meant the collection was certainly not boring! Although you may not wear these looks in their entirety, you can at least pick a piece from the look which would look equally good on its own or paired with something else.

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