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The future...

Sorry for the severe lack of posts, I have been so busy with University. Being in the last year is hard... I have had twitchy eye and all sorts of ailments due to worrying over essays.

It kind of annoys me when I let the blog fall by the way side, because I want to write about fashion for my career (hopefully). I gradate in July and am therefore forced to think about what I am going to do for a living when I finish.

Oh sure I'd love to walk into British Vogue and ask for a job but I know I have to be realistic.It worries me that many people who graduated last year still aren't working in journalism. I just wonder are there going to be any jobs out there when I finish. I am have tried to do things which make me stand out from all the other graduates though. Recently I have become a student ambassador for VICE, which is a good start! Does anyone else share career worries?

Anyway hopefully over the festive period I will be posting more outfit pictures and general musings.


  1. I think every aspiring fashion journalist, stylist and designer has career worries.. it's so competitive! But I am ever hopeful that dedication will get us somewhere!

  2. I share your career worries! I, too, would love to be a fashion writer! Or a fashion buyer. I graduated from UCLA with an English and Biology! But it seems like there are no jobs out there right now for it! I am taking a year to travel and really figure out what I want to do. I also want to build my blog, because it enables me to create my own niche in the fashion world. Good luck to you in your studies, and I hope you find a career that you love!

  3. I just finished a phd and still dont have a job! I think we've all just got to hang in there and I am sure all the hard work will pay off x BTW I had that werid eye twitching all thorough my undergrad too!

  4. There are so many other people that want to be in the fashion business! It is so competitive that it is stressful. At least fashion is fun!!

  5. I'm sure you've written it on your blog somewhere, but which university are you at? if it's anything like martin's you'll be at vogue or a similar publication within five years most likely! i enjoy reading your frank style of journalism, a world away from mine at