The future…


Sorry for the severe lack of posts, I have been so busy with University. Being in the last year is hard… I have had twitchy eye and all sorts of ailments due to worrying over essays.

It kind of annoys me when I let the blog fall by the way side, because I want to write about fashion for my career (hopefully). I gradate in July and am therefore forced to think about what I am going to do for a living when I finish.

Oh sure I’d love to walk into British Vogue and ask for a job but I know I have to be realistic.It worries me that many people who graduated last year still aren’t working in journalism. I just wonder are there going to be any jobs out there when I finish. I am have tried to do things which make me stand out from all the other graduates though. Recently I have become a student ambassador for VICE, which is a good start! Does anyone else share career worries?

Anyway hopefully over the festive period I will be posting more outfit pictures and general musings.


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