Fashion Blogging… Bow-gate!

It’s lovely to see at the moment my dissertation topic is pretty much being discussed both in the media and by fellow bloggers. (I shall not post the exact topic on here as when I come to write about it I would effectively be plagiarizing myself. Sounds crazy but true.) However with such articles as the one seen in The Independent there is a steady rise in the documentation of the outrage of certain fashion journalists as they find themselves increasingly replaced by bloggers. Or so they say….
We all know the lovable Tavi from her blog Style Rookie; she has come under recent fire from a few journalists for wearing this hat at the Dior Couture show…

as she was said to be blocking the view of people behind her. She has also come into fire for simply wearing the hat in the first place. To be honest I think the criticism is all a little TOO much, Tavi was given the hat and as the saying goes ‘it would be rude not to.’
I think now as we see an ever expanding new media platform, journalists will have to either learn to put up or shut up. That being said I think that fashion journalists from major magazines bring a sense of professionalism, whereas you can afford to be a little out there on a blog.
I think we can all live in peace and harmony… speaking for bother sides being a blogger and doing a degree in Journalism. It would be wonderful if all bloggers out there could get a big break through this medium, but sadly it only happens for a lucky few.


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