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London Fashion Week A/W 2010...favourites so far.


As always Mary presented an interesting collection full of colour and fine detail. It was really nice to see some colour finally walking down the catwalk as many of designers have stuck to earthy colours and nudes for their collections. To prove herself as a credible designer Mary made sure that she used very different prints on her designs and brought something different to the proceedings with the ruffled fabrics seen on the last dresses.


The whimsical nature of Unique was apparent by just looking at the leaves scattered across the catwalk; so that the models looked like they were talking a stroll out on a cold autumn day. The belted jackets are a perfect statement piece for autumn. I love some of the longer lengths shown at Unique also; related to my quest for the perfect longer length skirts and dresses! My favourite has to be the all white and cream look above; it just has a dream like quality to it.


As always Vivienne put on a wonderful show; one model walked down the catwalk with a butchers apron on holding a knife. Only at Westwood! The footwear was awesome as always. However I do hope the 13 year old daddys girls will stay away from Westwood footwear when they hit the shops. I am sick of seeing these little girls in £300 boots; the pirate boots are EVERYWHERE in Leeds. The first black jacket is pretty toned down but I have to say she pulls off simple pieces as well as the extravagant!


The structured silhouettes seen at Louise Goldin were amazing! The sparkly leggings that ran into sparkly boots were awesome. There was also a rather fierce sequin and black look which was definitely my favourite of the the whole collection. Louise is a designer that creates clothing for the powerful woman; just look at her shoes for Topshop. You have to have attitude to wear these clothes!


  1. That topshop show was awesome. Great summary

  2. Everyone is going on about the topshop unique collection, I really need to have a closer look. The Vivienne Westwood combination of black skirt and long blue shirt is inspirational and Louise Goldin always exciting!

  3. Hi, i just found your fab blog. I love the Westwood bits as always xx

  4. love the way you critc evrything, very original. love your blog and your ideas!

  5. i love crazy prints or floral prints under jackets!! i think it is a classic!!

    I tried to channel these styles into many of the outfits i made on

    do check them out! :)

  6. Louis Goldin here! :)
    Love the structures and bold cuts. Plus Im more likely biased towards anything black. Gulp.

  7. I was really inspired by Mary's colours and patterns and jewels.

  8. I'm actually feeling quite underwhelmed by New York/London fashion week, although I do much prefer the London stuff. I really love those Topshop unique socks or tights or whatever they are.

  9. The first collection reminds me a bit of McQueen.

  10. Fashion week has yet to disappoint! But I was particularly excited about this season's.

    Anyway thanks for commenting me. I miss you and your blog! How have you been?

    I hope everything's good.
    Talk soon.

  11. My goodness, I've not seen one person in Westwood pirate boots in Birmingham...cannot believe they are so popular in Leeds with kids!!

    Love Westwood and the TS unique show looked awesome right? I still need to check out the photos again.

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my lfw post...I was MOST definitely shell shocked!

  12. Mary Katrantzou is so incredible! My fav!

    Great blog. Much admiration from India :)

  13. love the first two collections. especially the theme for the topshop unique collection. nice post

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