New York Fashion Week Autumn 2010 …. favourites so far…

These are my favorites so far from what New York has had to offer. Don’t get me wrong these aren’t the only collections I liked, its just there are many professional mediums out there which cover every show and where you can get an in depth analysis. That’s not what I’m here to do. I am however here to give my opinion on these four….


I love love love all the different textures going on in this collection. And did you check out those red shoes?!? The printed trousers above are beautiful and would fit right into any wardrobe, perhaps not for the faint-hearted and maybe your average woman on the street wouldn’t wear them with a sheer and feather top. However tone it down with a plainer top half and your good to go!


I thought this collection was stunning. Probably due to the fact it had so many black looks in it, and I’m a mad fan for all black looks. Thakoon has come so far with his designing in recent years. Watching him on The September Issue, it kind of helps to know he is a thoughtful designer who isn’t afraid to give thanks to those who have helped him get to where he is now. I especially love the last sheer and sequin top; which could be layered over so many things.


I wasn’t crazy about everything from Marc Jacobs however I was really pleased to see loads of longer lengths coming through. I’m currently trying to make a maxi length work for me; and being 5″4 – 5″5 it isn’t that easy. This has given me plenty of inspiration though, even if the models here are about a foot taller than me. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with a sequin cardigan!

Having being a massive Gwen fan for a while I am always keen to see what her collection brings. This one did not disappoint. The leather shorts are amazing; I can imagine them paired with a soft grey slouchy jumper. The green bondage t shirt (as I’m calling it for now) adds a touch of rock and roll to the whole show. I especially loved the black dress – black boots combo as it looks both classy, sexy and rock ‘n’ roll all rolled into one!

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