Getting excited about paper…

I’m sorry for my lack of updates, I am currently slaving away over many an essay and my dissertation. Trying to chase down people to speak to me is proving difficult… so if you work at a magazine please drop me a line? Thanks.

Anyway, on my way to work today I stop at W H Smith to admittedly pick up a Twirl but came across the first issue of The Gentlewoman. This new magazine comes from the makers of Fantastic Man. I first heard murmurings of this magazine over at Style Bubble, where she expressed her excitement for this new magazine. I have to say the paper is actually amazing. If you like that kind of thing, and I do. My friends often laugh at the fact I stroke magazines affectionately like its some kind of pet. But I do get excited over a good quality paper. And I wasn’t disappointed by The Gentlewoman.

Excuse the rubbish pictures, the orange hue comes from a heater in my bedroom. But you get the general idea of its awesome content.

I love this feature on hair buns and all the different styles you can have. I am apposed to up-dos as mostly I feel I look boyish with my hair up. However I will be trying a few of these.

I love this editorial on shorts for long and short legs alike. It shows how there are styles to suit every woman.

I think that any fashion fan needs to pick up this magazine! It has so many inspirational woman inside the pages. It will be be on my list of to buy mags from now on.


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