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Paris Fashion Week...

So I seem to have missed out Milan altogether. I did love Prada but Milan never seems to be my cup of tea. So I say onwards and upwards and lets see what Paris has had to offer.


Yes kids. More black, oh how I love it. I loved the structured shapes at Victor & Rolf; some were classic with a bit of an edge and some were out of this world (the one on the far right). A big feature of the collection for me were the coats, the black one above drapes beautifully across the models body. Also the 'little black dress' was done here; but as always with Victor & Rolf the detail really makes the piece.


The colours at Demeulemeester were amazing, I love how she used muted and dark colours but then a pop of colour to bring the collection to life. The long maxi skirts were simple devine, and I love how they were given a different egde (like the one in the red above) and cut up the calf area. The statment feather jackets have to be my favourite piece though.


I really loved this collection and although it reminded me of what John Galliano does in his own collection. However I did really like this collection it was sexy and feminine but with an edge. The thigh high boots are simply amazing. If only I had the money, those beauties would deffinatley be mine! I have to stick to me Topshop ones for now, which reminds me I HAVE to dig them out and give them their proper wear.

I really liked this collection as it was really feminine and I don't think it was trying to be anything else. Where we've had a season with studs and hard leather; this brought a pleasant change and reminded us that its ok to through on a skirt and a pair of killer heels and shake what your mama gave you.


  1. Those Dior looks are just pure pleasure...

    Fashion kisses from Paris!

  2. Thanks for posting this! From a guy's perspective, the thigh high boot look is amazing because it is both classy and sassy at the same time. Very sophisticated and flirty! Now we have to hope the knockoffs come out soon so that woman can afford them on a normal budget.


  3. What got you interested in fashion???