Wuthering Heights

Sorry for the absence it is really getting rather stupid now. I do have a lot more free time but this also means that I am working more to get a bit of extra money. And so I actually end up with less free time, this makes no sense. I take my camera out with the purpose of taking more pictures of things that inspire me but my camera never seems to leave my bag. The trouble is I’m going through such a transitional period at the moment. Trying to sort out a journalism job with the amount of graduates this year is lets just say more than a little difficult. But I’m plodding along finding things to boost my CV and things which will eventually secure me my dream job.

Anyway my favorite novel since school has always been Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Today I went to visit the place where the Brontes lived and it got me thinking about fashion that has been influenced by literature. this picture above was taken by me about 4 years ago when I was doing A Level media. These are the moors where Wuthering Heights was meant to be set and I think it would make a perfect backdrop for a fashion editorial.There are so many designers who take inspiration from literature, the drama of Wuthering Heights can be seen in John Galliano’s work over and over again.

Lily Cole looks fabulous in this over-exaggerated gown by Galliano. I can imagine Catherine Earnshaw running across the moors in this looking for Heathcliff.

P.S I bought this…. (total geek)


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