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High Heel Etiquette

Me and my friends were having a discussion last night about heels. This may not strike you as odd, being a group of girls, its something that does generally feature heavily in our discussions. This was a rather different discussion. I love heels and this is no secret. However I do feel that there is a certain etiquette when it comes to wearing heels. For example we were discussing how people stare at you when you fling a pair of heels on during the day, people think your either going somewhere important or you think your someone important.
I would love to wear heels everyday but in the past this has been impractical. Now that I have finished with University I have flirted with the idea of slipping on a pair everyday. Which brings me to another annoyance. So you've been judged for the outfit your wearing, fine I can deal with that. But then come the wolf whistles, car horns and generally unsavory behavior. All because of the heels your wearing. This has then forced me to have a re-think in the footwear department.
So I have wonderful heels which have barely seen the light of day because of such situations, which angers me as I have paid good money to wear them!

One pair which have only been worn once so far are my lovely thigh boots from Topshop. Although it is a little warm to be wearing them through the day, maybe one evening in the not too distant future they will finally get an outing. The dress I'm wearing in the pictures really reminds of the Alexander McQueen print, what do you think? Excuse the bad/awkward poses, can you tell I don't do this often?

Dress £14.99, H&M Boots £100, Topshop.

Have you ever felt you couldn't wear something because of some of the reasons stated above?
Do you feel my pain?


  1. Completely agree! I like beautiful dresses but I struggle with the fact that some can only be kept for 'special occasions' or parties. I would love to wear the pieces more often but think twice about being too 'dressed up' on a 'normal' day. The dilemmas...

  2. Oh I just dont give a toss, I save nothing for best and wear what ever I want. The solution to horn honkers is usually a rather unlady-like finger ;-) Enjoy your clothes and shoes, its what they are there for! Love that dress BTW x

  3. that dress is gorgeous¡¡¡

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  4. This dress is awesome- I have my eye on it- just need to get back in there to try it on now i have a few more pennies!! Sorry about the wolf whistles- take it as a compliment and next time- make sure your heels are even higher!!! (winks)xxx
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  6. nah, just wear it & accessorize well to balance the glamour ;) the only exception if the outfit is disrespectful /inappropriate for any reason i/e breaking the dress code @ formal events.

  7. Hi Laura, your outfit is breathtaking. I love it. And as a man I could just apologize for the monkey within men. Ignore it or wear the horns and whistles with pride. If you feel good in high heels and thigh high boots you should go with it. This is you, how you feel and how you are. Be yourself and express it, this is what fashion is for!

    You can see me wearing Overknees too, and believe me this even get me some rude comments on the street, but I can live with that ;)

    "You look perfect" so I sending out this compliment from Germany

  8. I wear high heels everyday and I don't feel any pain. I guess I have been doing it for so long my muscles and bones have adjusted. It really is part of my I I'm 5'1" so I love the extra lift. xo Mish

  9. Love the boots!!!!

  10. im loving the dress. i completely agree with your commentary on heels.

    oh, the sacrifices we make for fashion. luckily, fashion makes more for us, and our ends always justify our means.

    keep blogging ! [:

  11. i feel your pain XD

    but i have to add, it also depends on the location too...

    i'd never wear a mini-skirt on certain parts of town.

    on the other hand, whatever you wear that is slightly more unique than others will always be noticed.

    that keeps things interesting.

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  12. Very true! I sometimes feel I can't wear heels on a daily basis without worrying that people think I look like a hooker. Funny how heels do that, wearing flats never does the same thing.

    Although I love those topshop boots of yours. I remember trying to by a pair myself so I know how much you want to wear them more often.

  13. your dress it's amazing:D
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  14. Amazing outfit, love your look!


  15. Those boots are to die for. I must admit, i've had the same situation in the heel department, getting wolf whistled by dirty van drivers, simply because of the height of the heels i'm wearing.

    Every time I see a woman out in gorgeous heels in the daytime, I think 'damn I wish I could do that!'
    I think it's about being brave, and facing the van men in force.
    If we all did it, it wouldn't be such a big deal, surely?

    I have a new blog up, fashion, advice & relationships. Would be nice if you stopped by to say hello sometime :)

  16. LOVE the exotic print of that dress x

  17. Just found your blog - love your writing style and look!
    Following now!

  18. ohh those awesome boots!

  19. I AGREE!
    omg those heels from topshop-hooooooot!
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  20. so cool print! love that dress!
    where are your new posts? ;)
    come back!

    kisses from Russia,

  21. I can completely sympathize but I never ever let other people get to me. Otherwise I would never have any fun! You look fantastic:-)

  22. AMAZING!

  23. Love this outfit! And I say never let outside sources affect how you feel or what you do. Easier said than done, I know, but just take it as a horribly ineloquent compliment and keep walking...

  24. whoa I totally dig this outfit! super sexy

  25. this dress is very nice :) just like McQueen ;)
    have a nice day!