High Heel Etiquette

Me and my friends were having a discussion last night about heels. This may not strike you as odd, being a group of girls, its something that does generally feature heavily in our discussions. This was a rather different discussion. I love heels and this is no secret. However I do feel that there is a certain etiquette when it comes to wearing heels. For example we were discussing how people stare at you when you fling a pair of heels on during the day, people think your either going somewhere important or you think your someone important.
I would love to wear heels everyday but in the past this has been impractical. Now that I have finished with University I have flirted with the idea of slipping on a pair everyday. Which brings me to another annoyance. So you’ve been judged for the outfit your wearing, fine I can deal with that. But then come the wolf whistles, car horns and generally unsavory behavior. All because of the heels your wearing. This has then forced me to have a re-think in the footwear department.
So I have wonderful heels which have barely seen the light of day because of such situations, which angers me as I have paid good money to wear them!

One pair which have only been worn once so far are my lovely thigh boots from Topshop. Although it is a little warm to be wearing them through the day, maybe one evening in the not too distant future they will finally get an outing. The dress I’m wearing in the pictures really reminds of the Alexander McQueen print, what do you think? Excuse the bad/awkward poses, can you tell I don’t do this often?

Dress £14.99, H&M Boots £100, Topshop.

Have you ever felt you couldn’t wear something because of some of the reasons stated above?
Do you feel my pain?

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