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Being a fan of Ashish I was really excited when his collection for Topshop came out. I tried on the sweat pants in Topshop on Oxford street many months ago. I decided against buying them because I couldn't justify the splurge at the time. However in the recent Topshop sale they popped up, so I decided it would be silly to pass them up this time.

Top, H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams. Sweat pants, Ashish for Topshop. Shoes, Office.

This is how I wore them, excuse the pose I'm not used to doing outfit posts like some bloggers out there. I find it hard to know how to stand without looking extremely awkward. Also finding decent backdrops, here I'm afraid you got my garden.


  1. Cool outfit! I love the shoes. I empathize with you too. I'm not good at posing either. I feel awkward too. Lol! :)

  2. cool outfit

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  3. You look amazing girl! Love your blog.

    xx fesi-fashion

  4. You did right with the pants!
    Glad you wore the bun,
    Im sure you looked good! :)


  5. you look fine, your a natural! :D

    The pants look cool and I like the shoes too!

    Rufus ✞
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  6. Love the ashish numbers, great wedges and Henry for debenhams has thrown up some cool pieces too! Thanks so much for the comment on my latest post - the jumpsuit is Stella McCartney from Net-a-porter. (whoops I usually write up where stuff is from) xxx
    fashion clocked
    I would love you to visit.xx Katie.x

  7. I think that they are cool and unusual... totally rock them


  8. great shoes, love your blog, i'm following you now :) x

  9. your posing is just fine!!!no worries!you look really cool!

  10. I adore your shoes!!!
    Cool outfit.


  11. Digging the outfit girl... and your red hair is seriously bitchin!

  12. Those pants were meant for you - esp since you found them later! I always find posing kind of awkward too.. I find the best pics are when I'm coming out of a pose, they're more natural :)

  13. awesome pants

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  15. haha i can never take decent pictures of my outfits either but i do love the stitching on those pants

  16. Cute picture, I like those pants! I totally feel the same way about taking outfit posts.. which is why I hardly do them. lol.
    Lovely blog, just found it. Following, hope you can follow back. :)

    <3 Kelly

  17. I find it hard to post too, especially in front of my sis, aka my cameraman LOL

    Great shoes btw, would lurrve to own one :)


  18. outfit is amazing, classic but still kinda funky <3

    and I love your hair! I must go red :D

    Emilie xxxxx

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