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Goings on...

So as usual I'm leaving too long between posts. I really do admire the likes of Susie Bubble and her commitment to her blog. I'm going to keep her in mind whenever I feel like slacking off.
I have a few things to update on at the moment, I am actually going down to London on the 15th in preparation for the 16th as I begin my short course at London College of Fashion. I decided to do the Fashion Journalism 2 course. I'm hoping that I come away with plenty of invaluable information and that it helps me to get the hell out of retail and on the career ladder! If anyone out there is doing the same course do give me a shout, it would be lovely to know other people before I head down!

In other news, in an earlier post I did I interviewed young designer Mary Benson. I am actually going to be her 'press officer' for want of a better phrase, among other things. And will be probably spending a lot of time in here...

Mary is in the process of getting her website sorted here, so keep your eye out for when it goes live! This is the start of exciting stuff and I can't wait to be part of it. Please visit Mary's Blog.


  1. hey hun- all the best with your short course- it sounds great and hopefully will throw up some fab opportunities!call by sometime! fashion clocked Katie.xx

  2. ahh so jealous of your course! hope you have lots of fun :)

  3. Susie Bubble is inspiring, isn't she. Sometimes it's so hard to keep it up...that's why I blog with a friend.

  4. That's amazing, wow! I'm sure you and Mary Benson will be a great team, and I'd love to be doing that course. Have fun!

  5. sounds like an amazing opportunity, enjoy your time down south!

  6. Good luck on your short courses. I'm sure you are having a lot of fun.