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The Craft

I've always had a love for 90's movies and The Craft has to be one of my favourites. The fashion from the movie is an obvious talking point, as many designers of recent years have re-created looks which could of stepped out of this film. Alexander Wang brought back grunge in a big way and many other designers have used all things Gothic through out their collections. I always liked the juxtaposition between the witches and the Catholic girls school. The four of them stood out from the sea of boring teens.
My favourite character was always Nancy, although she was down right mad she had the most interesting fashion in the film. Whether it be her PVC mac or her maxi length dresses. She always had her own style and identity.
Here's what I think Nancy would be rocking these days...

(Asos, Mac, Givenchy, Miss Selfridge, All Saints and Kat Von D makeup.)


  1. ugh the black cherry lipstick is so mouth watering.
    one of my fav 'sticks i own.

    lovely blog darling,

  2. Nice selection. Simply put, nothing ever compares to black.

  3. She would so wear all of these things!! I love The Craft!!

    <3 Kelly

  4. love the craft! nice choice!


  5. That ring is coool. I love rings but they drive me absolutely insane - there are only two I can put up with. Hope you are ok after your mugging incident! There are some horrible people in this world! :) x

  6. I've never seen the craft! I remember the day when my friends all went to the cinema to see it and I couldn't go for some reason. Liking the collage...though I couldn't see the first one for some reason?

  7. Love these picks! I used to heart that film big time. I used to try and do the pencil on the table thing all the time when I was young. I actually thought it would work... What a moron!

  8. LOVE the craft.

    Good to find someone else who's blogging from Leeds!

    Laura what is your email address? I'm in contact with the PR from Paper Scissor Stone who is coordinating a fashion show on 21st October in Leeds and has asked me to rope in some Leeds-based bloggers to cover it. Would you be interested? email me at

    Do you have any Leeds blogging friends who'd be interested too?


  9. Oh yeaa I used to watch TC all the time, but i think i'm gonna check it out again in terms of fashion ;) thnx for the idea and great inspiration realisation!

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  10. Love the metallic red trousers :) STUNNING!