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Being a fan of Ashish I was really excited when his collection for Topshop came out. I tried on the sweat pants in Topshop on Oxford street many months ago. I decided against buying them because I couldn't justify the splurge at the time. However in the recent Topshop sale they popped up, so I decided it would be silly to pass them up this time.

Top, H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams. Sweat pants, Ashish for Topshop. Shoes, Office.

This is how I wore them, excuse the pose I'm not used to doing outfit posts like some bloggers out there. I find it hard to know how to stand without looking extremely awkward. Also finding decent backdrops, here I'm afraid you got my garden.


What I wish I was wearing today...

All from Topshop.
Tee £12, Chinos £35, Pumps £22.


Bachelor of Arts....

Rocking the gown.


Pandora, Tank Magazine Part 2.

Shes just too good.


Summer Essentials...

When thinking about the main things you need for summer it can get a little difficult, especially with the weather in the UK. I've picked out a few key items that I'll be wanting for the Summer and hopefully you'll all share yours!

Topshop, £36
I really love this bag because you can use it as either a backpack or a normal bag. I like the idea of the backpack though as it reminds of the Alexander Wang bag. This will fit all your other summer essentials inside., £10
I think if your going to wear any jewelry this summer its got to be the bangle. But not just one or two, I prefer to layer them up for an edgier look., £12

When the sun does actually decide to grace us with its presence it's always nice to have a pair of sunnies on hand. I really like this vintage design from ASOS and the print helps them stand out from the crowd.

Chockers, £19.99

I think every girl needs a good pair of sandals for summer and it's important to have a pair that you can wear with much of your wardrobe. These sandals are perfect to wear with dresses, shorts or skirts through out the summer.

H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, £30.

I've been quite impressed with a lot of the designs Henry Holland has done for Debenhams. This playsuit it bang on trend and is helpful for those days where a skirt isn't gonna cut it.

If like me you love to get money off your online wish lists, you should head over to and you'll find loads of discount codes for all your favourite stores. Don't make an online purchase without looking here first!

The Graduate...

Not to be confused with the film, but this will be me as of the 14th of July. I have received my results already but the ceremony is on the 14th. I can't really say I'm looking forward to it that much but that all may change on the day. I really can not decide on an outfit for the day... what goes with an over-sized black gown?
So this has now forced me to think long and hard about my future. There are slim pickings in job market as we all know. With so many people battling for the same jobs, it is more important to sell yourself now than ever before. So I thought I needed to make myself a little more marketable. This led me to send off for this...

I'm thinking of taking Fashion Journalism 2. Has anyone out there done one of these LCF short courses? If so how did you find them?