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The Big Clear Out...

Look at my poor little Macbook sat nestled within all the madness. Basically trying to get rid of a massive proportion of my wardrobe/stuff. I have become some what of a hoarder and need to be brutal with the things I have. I don't wear about 60% of it which is really bad. So there has to be three piles: ebay, charity and bin.
I was actually inspired by watching Susie in her video for Monki Television.
I want a wardrobe to be proud of, and although I don't have the space Susie has for my clothes (is it not every girls ultimate dream to have a walk in wardrobe?) I am trying to make the space more manageable and less of a jumble sale.
So at the end of a very long clear out, don't you find you always get distracted by something from your childhood and end up sitting and looking at that for half an hour? Anyway, I am left with this:

(My rail bends in the middle?!?)

Now I have cleared a bulk of stuff my next plan of action is to go through my clothes with a fine tooth comb and ask myself honestly am if I am really going to wear it again. If not it will either be for Ebay (to add to my Paypal fund to buy more stuff) or go to charity for somebody else to enjoy.
In the first picture it was light and now its dark, which pretty much sums up how long I have been doing this for. I think I need a long deserved cuppa and a sit down.


  1. Ha, your wardrobe is totally about to break!!! I need to get rid of some clothes, I have far to many in my room and it actually makes it harder to get dresses cos there is too much stuff to think. Good luck with the clear out

    Hannah xx

  2. I watched this video too, it completely inspired me as well! I think the filing cabinets are an incredible idea x

  3. Wow all the clothes in your wardrobe look amazing, and it looks impressively neat to me! Perhaps my wardrobe needs a tidey out, although I would love a walk in wardrobe!

  4. I held a clearance a week ago =) I trew away everything ripped and broken. Everything I never was going to wear again =p ^^ x

  5. I also just cleaned out my wardrobe :D feels amazing doesnt it

    F. ( x

  6. I am so jealous of Susies wardrobe. My old wardrobe did the same as yours is doing and one day I was rooting around and the rail came out. ON MY HEAD!!! haha. Anyway I also wanted to leave you this...

    I think your blog is fantastic, keep up the good work and have an award from me! Stylish Blogger Award.
    Pass it on or don't pass it on. I will leave that up to you, but I just wanted to show my appreciation. Deb x