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Is this getting boring now...

I have found yet another amazing pair of heels from Office. I think I must have the luck of the Sale Fairy with me because I have picked up some beauties recently. This pair were a mere £13.50 reduced from £88. They are a Velvet material, which sounds quite odd but they are really nice. I especially like the chunky heel.

For some reason this picture looks like it's been painted, which I actually think looks pretty cool.

In other news I have entered a competition at to win a chance to work for them for 6 months as an Intern. Although the competition is judged on the entry and your CV, I would be grateful if you could vote for me and comment to show Elle I am worthy!


  1. i LOVE these shoes - especially the heel. you didn't happen to pick up an extra pair in a size 5 did you? ;) haha, i jest, but i am seriously in awe! love your blog too. ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  2. They are amazing! Love the velvet, the heel, such a great find!