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Well, well, well..

I am making a habit of disappearing off of here for any amount of time. I don't really mean to it just kind of happens. Also my life is decidedly unfashionable at the moment and so I'm not feeling particularly inspired. I feel inspired looking at other fashionable ladies blogs but this hasn't translated to a rise in posts on here!
I have become a little obsessed with Tumblr within the space of a week; who knew you could wile so many hours away looking at pictures. I am on a one woman mission to get more followers too, so if any of your lovely readers have a tumblr please click here and follow me. I promise I'll follow back. I seem to be waiting with baited breath for Fashion Week/s. I can not wait to look over all the collections and pick my favourites out. I'm excited to see Burberry, Givenchy and maybe a little bit of McQueen. I want to see what Sarah Burton does next!
But with this time of year comes my fashion depression. I'm sure those who've read my blog do know that I want a career in Fashion Journalism and I would give my right arm to be seeing shows over the coming weeks. However reality means I am working and looking for work in my pref
erred field. This has not come up with many results as the main response is to not get back to me at all. I must not less this dishearten me and carry on sending out those begging letters. So that you are not just staring at some ramblings from me here are a few things I am thinking of buying with the Ebay stash I'm building up.

1. Miss Selfridge, £44 2., €33.94 3. Solestruck, $159.95 4 and 5 Topshop, both £8.50 6. Urban Outfitters, £18.


  1. that skirt is really pretty:) anything sheer will do.. or chiffon and silky blouses!

  2. oh i really really really want number one x

  3. hope things calm down for you! unnff those shoes :) xx

  4. great blog!

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  5. i love your wishlists! you clearly have amazing style! x

  6. got a real thing for sheer maxi's... this one is awesome!

  7. Love the color of the skirt it would go so perfectly with the shirt and the shoes! amazing xx

  8. i love all .i follwing you on bloglovin ;)