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It's a hard life...

keeping up with things. I have this master plan where I think I'll take my camera everywhere with me. So I can snap things as I see them, but I never remember it. Although the camera on my phone is really good so I have no excuse. I have seen a few people this week who I wanted to run after and get a picture of. I think they may have looked at me fairly weird when I finally catch up to them red in the face and gasping for air.
I think really it is just about getting into the habit of snapping everything that inspires me ,as in turn it will give me more to post about, you guys will be happy, I get more readers, basically everyone is happy.
Anyway moving on from all that I have a new job which means I am now in an office; which led me to think what do I wear to work everyday? I do spend a silly about of time stood in front of my wardrobe on a morning staring at my clothes. There are no real restrictions (with in reason) so I don't have to wear anything formal. But I have this thing in my mind where I think I can't keep wearing the same things everyday. Does anyone else have this same office wear subconscious voice?

I'm heading towards 150 followers; I would like to make it to 200 soon. But would like to thank who ever is reading out there for doing so, didn't think anyone would like to read my ramblings. Although I did hope so as I do want to make a living out of it. I think if I post more often I might make it.

I'm heading out to Madrid soon to see my best friend; which will mean I over pack to the maximum take about 10 pairs of shoes and only wear 2. I have being praying its warm though as I could do with a bit of colour, I'm looking a little vampire like after these long winter months. Actually with the sun out today it feels like Spring; is it really time to put away those cable knit jumpers?

On my endless quest to look as cool as this, the following collage is what I will be mostly trying to get my hands on over the coming months. Doesn't look that summery? Oh well!

gothic grunge


  1. Wow, I totally agree with the camera bizzo. There is just so much out there to catch, and somehow it is just so hard to end up catching it!
    Love your blog, want to follow each other?

    X The St. Udio

  2. It might not look 'summery' but how refreshing is it to not have to put a coat on? Bahhh... I get so tired of wearing socks, scarves, gloves etc... it is such a treat to not need all those extra layers.

    Definitely keep at it! Totally know how you feel about clothes and worrying about wearing the same thing too often. Don't let it get to you too much. Focus on what you want to achieve (writing/documenting what inspires you etc) and try not to get too bogged down worrying about the clothes. I always find that is such a silly distraction that can really take away from what I really care about.


  3. Definitely get that camera out and about :)
    Love the skull accessories x

  4. looks like an amazing outfit
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  5. I know what you mean about trying to remember to take photos!!! I had great intentions of taking pics of all the great things my bf and I ate this week, but no, I forgot every time!

    My cuff is from Temt like 18 months ago. It was only $5 and I wear it so often, I never thought I'd get so much use out of it!

    Loving your blog :)

  6. PLEASE take your camera to Madrid and come back to show us some great pics. Always carry a camera. Always. Great blog :-)

  7. Personally I cannot wait for the summer to come. Although it has started to get warmer, it still is cold in the mornings.

    about office wear, just do the monochromatic look five days a week.

    p.s. love the writing.