Paris Fashion Week

I’ve been having a look at what Paris had to offer. There are three I really want to mention, but we will get on to that.
I have to quickly comment on John Galliano, what a shame to waste a great career. I think people in the public eye need to seriously think about what they are saying and to whom. He is not the first to be caught out and he won’t be the last.

(click on pictures to make them bigger)

The first collection I want to mention is of course Alexander McQueen. With Sarah Burton at the helm people were once again waiting with baited breath to see what would come out of the famed house. Personally I wasn’t disappointed the collection really delivered; and the shoes were the winner for me.

Next up we have Givenchy. I am in serious love. The panthers eyes seen on many of the looks are amazing and once again a sheer fabric here and there. I am sold.

Lastly today we had Miu Miu. So many different looks were sent down the runway but they all looked so polished. The Miu Miu shoes were one of the best things out of the collection for me, as my eyes were immediately drawn downwards.


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