The Perils of Packing.

As I said in my last post I will be jetting off to Madrid tomorrow to visit my best friend. Any fashion addict can testify to the fact that packing is one of the most testing of fashion situations.
Many a time have we found ourselves stood in front of our wardrobes looking back and forth between case and closet. You do not want to find yourself without something when you get to your destination. Neither do you want to pack too much and get slapped with a massive charge at the airport.

First and foremost you need to plan your day outfits; obviously I have been checking the weather this week and luck is on my side as it is meant to be quite warm. So maybe pack a couple of skirts and a pair of shorts and then a variety of different t-shirts. Then pack your shoes for the day; I’ll be taking some ballet pumps and sandals.
Moving on to the night; we are planning a few nights out while I am there. My partying outfits are usually centered around my heels. So I will be taking the trusty black pair (which is a little funny as 80% of my heels are black) and also my leopard print Jeffrey Campbells. I am going to be giving my BB Dakotas
their first outing. Throw in a skirt and a couple of sheer blouses and I think I’m done.*

*This suitcase is subject to change. haha.

P.S I am also now using a new ‘’ address, how exciting. A Forte For Fashion


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