Its only a bloody outfit post…

The Litas have landed; I am so excited I don’t care if everyone and their mother has a pair! I will be getting some outfits up on here with me wearing them, so expect to see them in the near future.

I was involved in a conversation on Independent Fashion Bloggers about feeling awkward when posing for outfit pictures. Some bloggers just look so natural but I feel like I am getting my Chandler Bing on (See episode when Chandler can’t smile) and so it has put me off. Which is silly because this is a fashion blog and I want to share my finds with you all. So I gave it ago today; face looks slightly awkward and my posing makes me look a stone heavier but I did it! I picked up the skirt in Madrid for €7 which I thought was a real bargain.

1. Alexander Wang look-a-like bag from Ebay; Inspired by 2. Sheer shirt, H&M 3. Plain Vest, Topshop. 4. Maxi Skirt aka Beetlejuice skirt, H&M.

I re-dyed my hair again last night. Red hair is so hard to keep up to, but I have found the perfect red so I will be staying this way for a while. I have been getting a few compliments on here about the colour, which makes me smile.
I am approaching 200 followers, which doesn’t seem a lot compared to some big bloggers out there but to me it is a real achievement. Anyway I am thinking of doing a competition when I reach the big 2-0-0. Let me know what you think of this and anything you would like to see in the giveaway. Just to add I will be buying the prize out of my own money so I can’t buy you a car or anything I’m afraid.

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