Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Well these babies will soon be in my possession; I was excited to see that Office started to stock them but by the time I found out they were out of stock. Yesterday however I had a quick look and they had my size, I was so happy but also felt guilty for dropping £120 on them. Oh well, I have a new job, I’m calling it a treat to myself. I know I know I think I’m joining the bandwagon a little too late but I don’t care I’m gonna wear them to death.

As many bloggers know we get many emails from P.R companies asking to join them at various different events which we can cover on our sites/blogs. I live in Leeds so I can’t go to the vast majority of them. Well I only seem to go to events when I am actually going to be in London for other reasons. I have being emailing back lately expressing my pain at being left out for being a Northerner. Many of the lovely ladies have mailed back saying they too feel my pain as they once resided in the North. So to all the P.R peeps out there; don’t leave us out!!!!

Although I just said I feel guilty over buying the Lita’s I am still lusting over other items. I am aware of the total mishmash here, but it isn’t meant to be an outfit haha

Various from: Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Missguided and Modekungen.

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