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Dr Martens.

I bought these Docs the other day at a vintage store in Leeds, called Best Vintage. I'm pretty sure they have never been worn before as there were no marks on the sole or any on the boots. They were only £37.50 which I thought was a real bargain and they have added to my collection of 90's memorabilia. I need to wear the boots in though as they aren't the most comfortable thing in the world; I'm sure I'll put that right soon.

I won this 90's dress on Ebay which will soon be making its debut on here extremely soon. It fits really well, but being a 90's dress the cut on the bust is a little off so I think I might have to wear a little black top underneath.

I picked up the cross t shirt and the cross ring at the Urban Outfitters Birthday Event in Leeds. They were giving all customers 20% off purchases and you also received a goody bag. There were some cute ankle socks in the bag which I think I'll wear with my Litas.

Cross ring, Urban Outfitters. Skull Ring, H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams.

I had to re-post this post after Blogger went down and deleted it! So it you think 'I've seen this before,' you have but please comment again!


  1. I love the 90s styling.
    Minus the excessive bagginess of a few of the trends. ;D

  2. classic boots. will never get old.

  3. I love DMs! I recently blogged my floral pair!

    The Flower Girl

  4. Super blog, very cool approach to the subject. Love

    Just come and see my


  5. I last had Docs when I was still at school, I used to put those fake tatoo transfers on them.

  6. Of course lots of love for the Docs, but I like your hair like that :)
    L x