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Vintage Dress

I apologise that these pictures aren't amazing; the wind was seriously intense today and I was struggling to stand up never mind pose for a picture. I picked up this dress at a vintage fair near me. You can't see the details of the dress but it has sheer sleeves, gold and pearl buttons down the front and on the sleeves and it ties at the back. I really love it as it's such a flattering shape for me and I always get positive comments when I wear it.

I thought it was best to wear something underneath to combat the wind, so I put these cycling shorts on with lace bottoms which worked a treat. I paired it all with these velvet heels from Office which I got for £9 in the sale a while ago. I do love a bargain.

I am currently singing my head off to the new Lady GaGa album, I am a huge fan. Anyone else worship at the alter of Gaga?


  1. *Raises hand at mention of Lady Gaga worship.*

  2. thanks for the lovely comment! the money box is from urban outfitters, you can order it online!


  3. that's a nice dress! you look good on it! and we both have the love for bargains! lol..i'm your follower..follow me too if you have time..kisses!

  4. I love the dress :)
    The wind can be annoying sometimes.

  5. Amazing!
    I really like your blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  6. It's ridiculously windy at the moment isn't it? So much so that the fence between us and our neighbours blew down. No outfit shots for a while then as they can see right into our garden now haha! Anyway, the lacy shorts underneath was definitely a good call! You look lovely :)

  7. goooorgeous outfit:)
    you have such an eye for colours and textures:)
    such an inspirational blog:)