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Getting my act together

I'm trying to get my act together with writing and such. Building up my portfolio is really important as I am trying to do some freelance work alongside my full time job. I am about to write some blog posts for Cellardoor Magazine which will be up this week hopefully.

I want to invest in some key pieces with my wage this month. Long gone are the days of buying things on a whim. I think as I have got older it has become more apparent that I need to pick things that will last and that I will wear time and time again. That being said I think these things are going to be in my possession extremely soon (these or something similar):

In other news I entered the Nokia and Elle Competition and I would be eternally grateful if you could click on the picture below and like my entry.


  1. great stuff! and i like your picture! so fierce! goodluck on your contest! kisses!

  2. hey laur, props to us having the same exact hair color. hahaha. did you have to bleach your scalp to get that? and good luck!


  3. oh woww!
    LOVE that Chanel number!

  4. Wow that is amazing congrats on getting to write for Cellar Door and good luck. xoxo