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I have always thought that someone's bedroom can reveal an awful lot about their personality. You can find out little aspects of them which you won't necessarily pick up from talking to them. I have recently being doing my room; it was due a change as my tastes have got a little different as I have gotten older. My room isn't complete just yet; there are just those annoying last touches to go which always seem to take an age to getting round to. But I thought I would show you some details of my room so you can get the general idea and of course so you can have a nosy.
The idea for my room all came from seeing this wallpaper:

Which now sits proudly behind my bed. I was then set on theme centered around the colours: turquoise, white, cream and silver. I was on the look out for some amazing accessories for my room and I came across this mirror for £15.

It was reduced because it had been repaired along the top where the bow is, but you couldn't tell and I thought it was a real bargain. It was also originally gold; my dad volunteered to spray paint it for me and I was left with this beauty. I love the way it reflects my wallpaper and makes my room seem bigger.
Of course every fashion blogger should have a stack of 'coffee table' books, these are just some of mine. The statue was my mums which she kindly donated. He makes an excellent bookend. I got the Buddha from Next; he fits right in with the colour scheme.

I have a fairly large amount of jewelry and it is always a challenge, thinking of ways to store it; so you don't end up spending half your day untangling necklaces before you can actually wear one of them. I ended up buying two of these jewelry heart hangers from BHS to store my rings/necklaces/earrings. It also makes for a nice display for my room.

I also bought this cake stand from Next to store most of my nail varnishes on and also to hold my bracelets. I'd seen other people do this before and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

I saved the best till last. I picked up my dressing table at the same place I bought my mirror; the best thing was they were having a third off that day so I got it for something like £120!

I would love to see some of the details from all my lovely readers rooms (and any new people, hello!), so if this post leaves you feeling at all inspired please create a post and let me know so I can read it.


  1. O wow this is prob my fave post of yours! Your room looks gorge

    mines a mess but im a messy girl It did start out as a wild safari like theme zebra girraffe leopard print and colourd furs everywhere but iv aquired random things like chinese fans dreamcatchers trolls etc over the years that kindf make it random and childish ahah Wont be taking pics though too messy!

    I dont know what face palmed means lol??

    Ohh did u ask them then? They asked me about a year ago before they let people ask them is there rules then??


    Wow longest comment iv ever made

  2. woooooow
    the dressing table! its gorgeous!

  3. oh, lovely!

    I'm currently in the process of changing my room, but that won't happen that soon, I'm afraid! :/ but i want it all WHIIIITE! :D

  4. Wow you are so creative,
    followin' for sure.
    my blog. tell me what do you think, I really wanna know someone's so fashionable's thinking

  5. Nice blog. :)

    If you want, follow me and I'll follow you back. :)

  6. Wooooww! Your room looks sooo pretty! Wish mine was so romantic and beautiful!


  7. Love your blog! :)

    Follow me if you like my blog & I'll follow you back. :)


  8. Oh I have total room envy, we are hoping to move soon so my room is a total mess of boxes right now.

  9. Your room looks very well put together congrats. I sure hope my room says nothing about my personality. I have 2 rooms and they are both messes!


  10. I love the wallpaper... where did you get it from?? Been in the process of getting my room done for a while now and it's finally happening -- so excited!!

    Got the wardrobes, just trying to find a wallpaper to match my style & the right colours... i LOVE yours*** (as said before <3)

    Please Reply xx