RIP Amy Winehouse


It has been a couple of days since I heard the news that Amy had passed; I knew I wanted to blog about what had happened but I just had to find the right words. I have always been drawn towards artists that were a little rough around the edges and Amy was certainly that. I like my musicians to have some history, something interesting about them; not some perfect polished up dolly bird.

Amy was also a style icon; Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by her along with many others. There were countless beauty stories about perfecting the perfect winged eye-liner look. I can’t say the beehive was a look everyone should be sporting but it certainly trickled down into the mainstream. She was like a walking caricature of herself.

We all saw Amy’s public battle with addiction which seemed to overshadow her real calling in life; music. Her music spoke to me on so many levels, you could hear the pain in her voice and she brought you right along for the ride with her. ‘Back to Black’ will always hold a special place in my heart as it helped me through difficult times in my life.

There are so many dreadful things happening in the world right now but I find that turning to music can go some way to help you through it. I only hope now that Amy is at peace; I’ll leave you with this performance which shows how truly talented she really was.


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