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Style Stalker - Young Hollywood

The new lookbook for Style Stalker hit my inbox today. I have to say I'm impressed. The new collection is called 'Young Hollywood.' This season their inspiration came from a range of different famous ladies 'we borrowed the elegance of classic Hollywood sirens, and made it our own with a dose of 90s grunge. Kind of Kathryn Hepburn meets Courtney Love. Sophia Loren meets childhood Drew Barrymore.' As soon as I read this sentence I was sold and then I saw the collection itself and I want everything!

I love this editorial; my favourite picture is the one at the top with the MJ look-a-like. Those trousers look amazing, I need to add them to my list of must haves. I also really liked the lace up dress; a real rock 'n' roll piece. I've added in my favourite looks below:

What do you think to the collection?


  1. Love it!! Its just gorgeous. Funnily enough I was just on their website drooling over it! Love the Venice beach dress.

  2. i adore the collection! the fabrics used are so beautiful.
    found your blog through ftbh, had to agree with your comment. the article made her sound like such a stuck up idiot. ox

  3. I think Hollywood is not what it used to be...

    / Avy

  4. That collection is gorgeous! I also really liked the lace up dress.
    Hostess rimini

  5. I think the collection is to die for!
    Follow each other? :)


  6. It looks good to me! Not sure what I'll buy from it though.. Hrm xxx

    Ps thanks for the twitter love :) hope you got the reply! I'm so noob at it still haha

  7. wow, i agree. this lookbook is impressive.