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What I Wore Today - Galaxy Print

Top, Romwe. Dress, H&M. Boots, Primark. Bracelet, Chelsea Doll.

So here I am having a bash at the whole 'what I wore today' post. Or 'what I wore to work.' I received this top last week, along with a few other things I ordered from Romwe. I'm sure you will soon see me sporting the other goodies I bought. I layered it over this plain black dress from H&M. I think basics like this are really important; I always find myself reaching for this kind of thing all the time, as my starting point for an outfit.
These boots from Primark are one of the best things I have ever bought from there. It isn't often I ever go in there anymore as I am trying to stay away from ending up wearing the same thing as 50 other girls I see when I'm out and about. But I do love it for little gems like these.
I've posted about the bracelet before but thought I would show it off again. I love the way that it can make an outfit that little more interesting.

There will be a competition for all my lovely readers VERY soon, so keep checking back for a chance to enter.


  1. that galazy top is wicked cool. huhu i wish we had that shop here in edinburgh.

  2. you're shirt is rad!

    check me out!

  3. your TOP!!! i am so into galaxy or cosmic prints lately. this is superb!

    chic in the tropics

  4. Gotta love a galaxy print!!

  5. LOVE this top!!

    Helen, X