It all started…

at a very young age. My family are forever re-telling stories about how I used adorn myself in necklaces and trinkets. Whenever my Grandma came to visit I used to make a beeline for her handbag and drag it around behind me; nevermind that it was almost as big as me. As you can see I was way ahead of all the trends, count them all: hair bows, high waisted shorts, flowered dress complete with knee socks and of course 60’s themed colour blocking.

When I started high school I started to get more and more into fashion. I’m afraid you won’t be seeing those beauties though, they are to remain buried forever. The first time I saw a fashion show I knew that I wanted to write about fashion for a living. I wanted to be at the forefront, I wanted to be on the front line. When I studied Journalism at University, my career choice wasn’t exactly the most popular. Most people wanted to be war reporters or news journalists, and I used to get the pity look when I told people what I wanted to do (still do sometimes). Fashion is important; it creates jobs, brings massive amounts of revenue into the country and can help people feel better about themselves. Whats not to love?

I think if I won the Look Blogging Competition it would only add fuel to my fire and perhaps help me in my quest to become a fully fledged fashion journalist. Also the 17th September happens to be my birthday; so this would be the an amazing birthday present.


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