Vintage Shopping

When I was in high school I really got into shopping for vintage. I used to pick up various items from the little shops that popped up in my home town. But as you all know the prices of ‘vintage’ slowly got higher and higher. When you think about it your paying high prices for something other people may have worn before and often things that aren’t in the best condition.
Obviously I know that if you are searching for particular vintage designer piece then you may have to face the fact that you’ll have to put some serious money forward.

I do have a few tips though if you are looking to do some serious vintage shopping. There are the obvious tips such as checking out your local charity shops, as they do tend to have low price points.

There are a TONNE of vintage shops in Leeds; you can find some great pieces. However be careful as they tend to up the prices as many of them know this the only place some people find their vintage clothing.

Found at Halifax Vintage Fair

For me though these aren’t my first ports of call for any vintage items I do pick up. I do love a good Vintage Fashion Fair; there is one held at Leeds Town Hall where you can pick up some amazing pieces. The good thing about events like this is you can haggle with the stall owners! It is also worth looking out for any other fairs in smaller areas as these as less likely to be picked over and you can find yourself the best pieces.

Found at Halifax Vintage Fair

The next stop for me is usually Ebay. I know Ebay can be just as over priced as Vintage Shops however it all depends what words you type into the search box. Also some sellers are actually fully fledged businesses so tend to have a higher price mark to start the bidding off. You are really looking for individual sellers or start up businesses.

Ebay piece from America

Lastly raid your mothers, fathers, grandmas,
grandads (you get the picture) wardrobes. You can find some gems in there.

Robbed from my Mum’s wardrobe.

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