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The Cream of the Fashion Crop...

The main focus of fashion week are the collections right? Wrong. More increasingly the lens has been turning to those who are sat on the front row and those hanging outside the shows. This is where I find an endless stream of inspiration.
I love to see how different people look and what trends they have chosen to incorporate. There are some people you see everywhere like Anna Dello Russo, who never fails to look nothing short of fabulous.  Then I find there are usually three main groups of people to look out for.

The Magazine Editors/Magazine staff.
These are the group to watch for the most up to date pieces for the season. I have thrown Miss Dello Russo in for good measure.

The Bloggers.
Bloggers are usually the ones mixing designer pieces with high street and vintage. This is where I find most of my inspiration from.


The A-listers. 
The A -list usually keep it simple with one statement piece and a pair of heels. But boy can they pick their statement pieces. A few celebrities like to push the boundaries just like Eliza is doing here.


  1. Hi I'm a brand new northern UK blogger coming through. Great blog, loving your refreshing down to earth writing. My fave frow look is Miss Chung the blue of her dress is so vivid! Sharon x

  2. I really like your blog and this postt, I follow you .. do you follow me? :)

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  3. Great blogpost! Love the collages as well :)

    xoxo Robine @

  4. Like I said before, the collages are awesome :) I love that yellow dress on Rumi.

  5. Love your collages. Definitely agree on getting inspiration from bloggers as they mix high street and designer. xx

  6. Love this, and you are right! Love their bold pieces. Love your collages-always enjoy them on others fashion blogs!
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