In the Spotlight: Michelle from Kingdom of Style.

I am going to start running a regular feature where I speak to people who inspire me – it might be bloggers, friends or people I stalk down on twitter (haha). It will be kept fairly short and there will always be a fashion angle; I think it will be interesting for you guys to read. Without further ado here is the first one:


What is your earliest ‘fashion memory’? 
That would be when I was just starting school. I was a titchy 5 year old and my mum was looking out my school uniform the night before. I decided I wasn’t too keen on the ugly brown satchel she had lined up for me, so I decided I would take one of my mums handbags instead. It was a white clutch with a thin chain strap.  On my way to my school the next day I thought I was hot shit – what my teacher thought however is anybodies guess!

What is one item in your wardrobe that you can not bring yourself to get rid of? 
I’m pretty ruthless with my wardrobe and regularly purge old clothes. That said, I could never in a million years part with an incredible Jean Pierre Braganza dress I have which no longer fits me. Unless my boobs and ass shrink back to their former size 6, I have zero chance of ever fitting it again, but I could never part with it.

What will be your most worn item this Autumn/Winter? 
Big shaggy faux fur coats! I have a few and I can’t wait to wear them every autumn. They add brilliant texture to outfits and make pretty much everything look sexy and edgy.

In contrast what would you not be caught dead in? 
I always say ‘never say never’! I do have lists of things I feel I no longer look good in but generally speaking I am up for trying most things. Perhaps, at a push, I would say those big 50’s dresses with the circle cut skirts. I friggin’ hate those with a raging passion.

Finally to change up the questions – what made you take up ballet? Any advice for beginners

I had wanted to do it since I was little but never got the chance. Then last year I decided I really needed to get some exercise but I’m definitely not the gym sort. I felt ballet suited my body type and I liked how disciplined it is. I actually have a real problem with authority and it was getting a bit out of hand, so the discipline of ballet – the letting yourself be under someone elses control – was what I needed to clip my wings a little.
I had no idea adults could do ballet as I assumed it was just far to late, but after a search online I found that Scottish Ballet ran adult classes so I signed up and was hooked from the very first class. It’s incredibly rewarding and has made me aware of my body in a really positive way. I work very hard at being strong, flexible and mentally focused and now take three classes a week. My advice to be beginners is don’t listen to people who say it’s too late. It’s never too late! Keep at it even when it gets tough as the rewards are like nothing else you’ll ever experience.

Massive thanks to Michelle for taking the time out to do this – head over to Kingdom of Style to read some of her awesome posts.


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