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What I Wore: Creepin'



Not anything particularly exciting but my creepers are finally making a debut on the blog. I literally can pair them with anything - and they are so comfortable. The shirt is from New Look, I really like the leather look sleeves and the cuffs, it just adds something extra to a plain old sheer shirt. 
The shorts from from Pop Boutique, I envy people that can get the dirt cheap Levi shorts. The ones I try on in other stores never seem to fit me. I added some silver studs to the pocket of these ones. 
The small opal ring on my right hand is from a little shop on the King's Road - I bought it last summer when I went down to visit a friend. The skull ring (it has a dagger hanging from it's eye which you can't really see) was purchased in Lanzarote and the big turquoise stone ring is from Boots.
It is a really nice sunny day in Leeds (which makes a change) so excuse my squinty face - I always have an excuse for my terrible facial expressions don't I?! 


  1. amazin creepers

    cool look!

    and i do have ttat purple velvet dress from the previous post:)


  2. Lovely outfit!

  3. I wish I was cool enough to rock creepers :( they look sick on you!
    / twitter: @opinionslave

    PS- Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a 24ct gold 'Gala Curios' ring ;) It would look great on you!

  4. I love this look! Nice blog you have there :)


  5. Is that shirt a recent purchase? I LOVE it! It's like a Hannah Marshall one I wanted a few seasons ago. I haven't been in New Look for about 5 years, need to have a wee look.