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Beauty Collection: Lipsticks

I haven't really ever done a straight up post about make-up or beauty, which when I think about it is rather odd. Make-up plays a big part in my everyday life. I'm one of those girls that cannot leave the house without it on. This isn't for any other reason than I don't have the best skin in the world - so I wear it to make me feel better. I thought I would start off with my lipstick collection which isn't the biggest but I always think it covers a range of colours. 


ELF: Cool Coral, Cheerful Cherry and Prime Plum. 

I love the formula of these ELF mineral lipsticks. I find that if I want something with a good pigment other aspects tend to lack - one thing I can't stand is drying lipsticks. These are really moisturising and long lasting, this is only the start of my collection.

 MAC: Viva Glam GaGa 1 and 2, Rebel, Blankety and Fluid. 

I have always been a fan of MAC lipsticks - the range of colours are amazing. I do actually have another MAC lipstick, Morange, but I can't seem to find it. I was a sucker for the GaGa collection but I really like the colours if they are worn with the complimentary eye make-up. Rebel has to be my favourite out of the lot as it is a deep purple and look great for a dramatic look on a night out.

Here we have: Barry M 37, 52 and 100. YSL: I have no idea. 

Barry M are always my go to brand for a cheap but good quality lipstick. The Black is pretty good - this was bought for Halloween originally but I have worn it out on an average day. The YSL lipstick looks funny nestled between the Barry M lipsticks here. Putting the price aside, the lipstick smells like fruit and has a really creamy formula. It lasts for ages too - in fact at the end of the night I have to scrub it off! 

What other brands should I be trying out? 


  1. I really like MaxFactor lipsticks. My lips always dry out really fast and they're the best I've found for retaining moisture. x

  2. LOVE the YSL bright pink!
    As you know I am an avid fan if lipstick! haha x

  3. I loovvee YSL lipsticks- they are absolutely my favorite. You really can't go wrong with them!