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Lust List feat Frank and Doll

I'm back again with another Lust List - I have decided that these will just be a regular thing now as I spend most of my time browsing the internet and adding things to my long list of wants (who doesn't?). 
I came across the skeleton hand t-shirt from Frank & Doll which I thought was really cool. I  like the cut - I am partial to something that dips lower at the back. Think I'll get this come pay day and team it up with my leather trousers and heels. 
Speaking of heels I love these catwalk copies from Jessica Buurman. I saw them over on Le Happy (whose blog I absolutely love) and thought that they were amazing. I always seem to gravitate towards black heels as a habit - but they do go with everything. 
When I was on holiday over summer I saw a evil eye bracelet that I wanted but because I was already buying so much jewellery from the same shop I ended up putting it back. I saw this from Rock N Rose and it renewed my desire to get my hands on one. Well it is pay day tomorrow so I might just have to put an order in. 
I promise I won't be buying myself too many things over the Christmas season - I need to start buying gifts for other people. I always seem to leave my shopping to the last minute. How are you all getting on with your present buying? 


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  2. I am desperate for the Burberry heels but that ain't never gonna happen! I'm hanging out to see if they go on sale on NAP though. But those are good budget versions if all else fails

  3. Great lust list I am loving the tee and bracelet might have to check that one out. I sadly have to spend this months wages on Christmas gifts too. Oh that is so wrong to say sadly I am happily spending this months wages on xmas presents that sounds better xoxo

  4. Oh I love that Zoe Karssen tee. It's brilliant!

  5. O yes I love this tee! Zoe Karssen does the best t-shirts. X

  6. Sorry for the stupid amounts of comments, your blog as me hooked haha.. these shoes are to die forr xxx