Laying the foundation(s): Illamasqua



I have been holding out for a while on a buying a new foundation, simply because I have being waiting what seems like forever for the Illamasqua store in Leeds to open. It is actually due to open next Saturday 10th December. I was in Manchester for the weekend celebrating my anniversary and I decided to pop into Selfridges and bite the bullet.

I have not had a happy relationship with foundation – I haven’t found one that I’ve been completely happy with yet. Although I explain my skin type and what works for me I never seem to come out with a product that I’m happy with. 
I spoke to the lovely lady on the counter and she recommended the Skin Base foundation for me – she applied it with this highlighter brush in a stippling motion. All of the makeup artists on the counter used this for the foundation to get the best effect – she also said it a quick and easy way to apply your foundation, so you don’t have to be an expert. 

I’m going to give it a go over the next couple of weeks and see if I notice a difference. My skin hasn’t been looking great since the change in weather so this might give it the lift it needs. 

What foundation do you all use? 


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